Pre-soldered Elephant42 v1.0
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Pre-soldered Elephant42 v1.0

USD $165.00

Elephant42 is a split ergonomic mechanical keyboard designed by illness072


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# Features
– QMK supported
– Staggered pinky keys for more ergonomics
– The keyboard is pre-soldered. Soldering is not required.
– There might be some no-clean flux residues.

# Elephant42 v1.0 PCB + Parts Kit
– Pre-soldered: Left and right side PCBs, Pro Micro Controller Boards (Upgradable to USB-C), diodes, hotswap sockets, OLEDs, pre-keys and underglow RGB LED, TRRS jacks and reset buttons

# Elephant42 v1.0 PCB + Parts + Case Kit
PCB + Parts Kit
Acrylic top and bottom plate
Black Fabric middle plate
m2 spacers
m2 screws
rubber feet
OLED acrylic cover

# Custom order
– If you have a special request, please message me for a custom order

# Important notes
– You will need to buy a case, keycaps, and key switches separately.
– The case requires assembly by hand and a screw driver.

Source code and license:

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Plate / Case