pre-soldered chocofi keyboar
pre-soldered chocofi keyboar
Guide of battery and Installation

Pre-soldered Chocofi Keyboard (Low Profile 36 Keys Split Keyboard)

USD $173.00

Chocofi by Pavel Glushkov is a low profile 36-key hotswappable split keyboard inspired by Fifi keyboard.

The PCB is modified to have JST battery sockets and on-board power switch for battery management (good for wireless build).

Recommended batteries & installation of displays in a wireless build:

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Features of Chocofi:

  • Split keyboard with 3 rows, 5 columns, and 3 thumbs per half
  • Increased pinky column stagger
  • Inspired by Fifi keyboard
  • Pro Micro compatible footprint (support using Pro Micro, USB-C, Sea-Picro RP2040 USB-C, Bluetooth Controller for wireless)
  • With Kailh Choc v1 Hotswap sockets
  • The PCB is modified to have a on-board power switch for battery management (good for wireless build).

The pre-soldered keyboard includes:

  • A pair of PCB (Left & Right) will components (selected MCU, hotswap sockets, diodes, reset buttons, TRRS jacks, power switch) being soldered on the board.
  • JST battery sockets are included in the board for wireless builds.
  • (Optional) If you select the wireless controller with Sharp Memory-in-Pixel display option, the displays are socketed.
  • TRRS cable in wired builds.

The case kit includes:

  • 3D printed case (top and bottom) or Carbon Fiber top plates with acrylic bottom plates
  • Spacers & Screws
  • Rubber Feet

Key switches (Kailh Choc v1 low profile switches) Options:

  • Light Blue (blue): Linear 20gf
  • Red Pro: Linear 35gf
  • Red: Linear 50gf
  • Brown: Tactile
  • White: Clicky
  • Robin: Clicky & Gold Plated Springs
  • Choc Navy: Thick Clickbar 60gf

Keycaps Options:

  • PBT Black / White blank 1u keycaps
  • MBK Legend ‡ 40s (White On Gray / Gray on White) PBT keycaps * This set contains 56*1u keys, 6 homing keys, 2*1.5u blank keys, 2*2u blank keys

Custom order:

  • If you have a special request, please message me for a custom order

Important notes:

  • The Magnet Cable for Pro Micro is not included. It is an optional upgrade.
  • Wireless option doesn’t include a battery, because I cannot ship batteries. Please buy the batteries from other shops.

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Key Switch

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