pierce 2.0 Wirless DIY keyboard kit
pierce 2.0 Wirless DIY keyboard kit

Wireless Pierce 2.0 Ergonomic Split Keyboard Kit (MX / Choc)

USD $75.00

Wireless Pierce 2.0 created by durken1


  • Wireless and using 2032 3.3V Coin cell battery (It is relatively easy to buy this coin cell battery from stores.)
  • Comparing with Nice!nano that uses LiPo rechargeable batteries, the CR2032 is non-rechargeable but last much longer (more than 2 months).
  • Diodeless split keyboard
  • 36 key column staggered keyboard
  • Inspired by Corne with more pinky stagger as well as only using 1u keycaps
  • Supports using Pro micro or equivalent controllers
  • Supports using QMK firmware
  • Supported switches: MX, Choc V1, Alps
  • VIAL Firmware: https://s.beekeeb.com/piercevial

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The keyboard kit includes:

  • Pierce 2.0 wireless PCB Right and Left side
  • Pierce 2.0 receiver PCB
  • Pro micro (optionally upgrade to USB-C)
  • Coin cell battery retainer
  • YJ-14015 / Core51822 (B)
  • Resistors
  • Voltage regulator
  • Reset buttons

The case:

  • 3D Printed PLA Case (friction fit)
  • Rubber Feet

Important Note:

  • This is the wireless (not the semi-wireless) version of Pierce.
  • You will need to buy 2032 3.3V Coin cell battery from local stores.
  • If you don’t add soldering service, you will need some soldering tools to build this keyboard.
  • The keyboard will be pre-flashed with firmware if you add soldering service.
  • The pierce keyboard doesn’t have a USB port on left and right side so it requires an external programmer for firmware flashing (for example: st-link v2)

Build Guide: https://github.com/durken1/pierce#build-instructions
License and Source Code: https://github.com/durken1/pierce


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Plate / Case

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Key Switch

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PCB Soldering





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