Cantor v1 PCB Kit
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Cantor v1 PCB Kit

USD $60.00

The Cantor Keyboard is a diodeless low-cost split ergonomic mechanical keyboard designed by diepala.


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The Cantor v1 PCB Kit includes

  • PCBs (left and right hand)
  • 2x MCU Boards (BlackPill USB Type-C) – STM32F401 or STM32F411 (The controllers are tested & pre-flashed with VIA firmware.)
  • 2x TRRS jacks
  • 1x TRRS cable
  • 42x Kailh choc PG1350 v1 switches, If you choose the key switches option.

You’ll need to buy choc-spacing keycaps such as MBK from other shops.

To make changes in VIA simply import the JSON keymap file from:

License and source code:

Additional information

Key Switches

No Key Switches, Red (Linear 50gf), Blue (Linear 20gf), Brown (Tactile), White (Clicky)

Plate / Case

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PCB Soldering