Allium58 Wireless Lily58 Pro MX Split Keyboard
Allium58 Wireless Lily58 Pro MX Split Keyboard

Pre-soldered Wireless Allium58 MX (Wireless Lily58 Pro MX) Hotswappable Split Keyboard

USD $227.00


The Allium58 is an open source 6*4+4keys column-staggered split keyboard. It is based on Lily58 Pro created by kata0510. The Allium58 shares the same layout as the Lily58 Pro and also supports using the original Lily58 Pro firmware. 

  • Enhanced Wireless Capability: With native support for power-saving nice!view or other memory-in-pixel displays, ensuring efficient power management and extended battery life.
  • Improved Battery Management: Power switches and JST battery sockets have been added to the Allium58. These additions make it easier to control power supply and facilitate seamless battery replacement.
  • Dual Hotswap Sockets: Same as the Lily58 Pro keyboard, the Allium58 Choc/MX version supports having both Kailh Choc v1 (low profile) & MX hotswap sockets on the PCB. Both of them will be soldered on the board that provides ultra-flexible key switch selection.
  • Compatible with Lily58 Pro firmware

Note: It is not compatible with the GLP – Gateron Low Profile KS-27 / KS-33 or the Kailh Choc v2 key switches.

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The pre-built Wireless Bluetooth Allium58 MX keyboard includes:

  • All the components will be soldered to the PCB, including Bluetooth Controller, (optional) Sharp Memory-in-Pixel display, diodes, MX & Kailh Choc v1 hotswap sockets, battery sockets, power switches and reset buttons.
  • Controller and display are socketed.
  • Pre-flashed ZMK firmware

Case includes:

  • Black carbon fiber / 3D printed top plate
  • 3D printed bottom case
  • Clear (transparent) OLED acrylic cover
  • M2 spacers
  • M2 screws
  • Silicone rubber feet

Custom order:

  • If you have a special request, please message me for a custom order.

Important notes:

  • Because I cannot ship batteries, please buy a pair of 301230 or 401230 batteries with JST-PH connectors and correct polarity from local stores.
  • It is a wireless keyboard and cannot be used as wired keyboard.
  • To configure the keymap, you will need to compile your own ZMK firmware using command line tools or GitHub Actions.
  • The case and keycaps require DIY assembly by hand and a screwdriver.


License & Source Files:


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Key Switch

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Top Plates with Acrylic Covers

I don't need a case, Carbon Fiber, 3D printed in Black PLA, 3D printed in White PLA, 3D printed in PLA (Custom Color)

Bottom Cases

I don't need a case, 3D printed in Black PLA, 3D printed in White PLA, 3D printed in PLA (Custom Color)


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