Zerosprey42 MonoBlockSplit Unibody RP2040 Wired Keyboard Kit

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Zerosprey42 Keyboard is a beginner friendly, choc hotswap, MonoBlockSplit (Unibody), column-staggered, DIY low-profile mechanical keyboard. It balances between portability and ergonomics with a sleek case. This is a remix of ebastler‘s osprey with a low cost RP2040-Zero. The open source Zerosprey Keyboard project by beekeeb can be found at, licensed under the CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 – Permissive.


  • MCU Board – WaveShare RP2040-Zero
    • It includes a powerful RP2040 with a lot of flash memory (2MB), so you can enable many QMK features and layers without worrying about the firmware size.
  • Easier to solder (for the DIY soldering option)
    • There are very few components/pins to solder. You will need to solder diodes, hot swap sockets, and the castellated holes for the RP2040-Zero.
  • Choc spacing
    • Key switches are arranged tighter than the standard spacing.
  • Ergonomics
    • Slightly angled sides, with a bigger thumb key.
  • Enclosure
    • There is an elegant case modified from the original osprey keyboard. It includes a top case, switch plate and a bottom case.
  • Firmware
    • QMK and Vial are supported. For advanced users, you should be able to use other firmwares including ZMK, KMK (Python-based), PRK (Ruby-based), keyberon (Rust-based) and ZMK.

The Basic Kit includes

  • 1x PCB
  • 1x WaveShare RP2040-Zero
  • 50x 1N4148 SOD123 diodes
  • 42x Kailh hotswap choc v1 sockets


  • You will need to solder the parts if you do not choose the presoldering option.
  • DIY assembly by hand and a screwdriver is required for the case, key switches and keycaps.
  • For 3D printed PLA parts, the default color is black. Please let me know in the order notes if you would like other colors or combinations.
  • The switch plate is a soft, flexible plate. It is not a hard plate like FR4.
  • This is a hardware DIY kit / product with minimum firmware support. For advanced firmware related features, please visit the community sites and Discord channels.
  • You need to use a USB A-to-C or C-to-C data cable. Charging-only cable does not work.

Source code and license:

Additional information

Key Switch

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Plate / Case

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PCB Soldering



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