Let’s Split v2 Ortholinear Split Keyboard PCB Kit
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Let’s Split v2 Ortholinear Split Keyboard PCB Kit

USD $53.00

Let’s Split v2 is a 48-key split ortholinear keyboard created by /u/wootpatoot.


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PCB + Parts
– 2 PCB
– 2 Pro-micro
– TRRS jacks
– TRRS Cable
– Diodes
– Reset Buttons
– WS2812/WS2812B leds

PCB + Parts + 3D printed case
– PCB + Parts
– 3D case printed with PLA
* There are visible layer lines and other defects because the cases are 3D printed.

Custom order
– If you have a special request, please message me for a custom order

Important notes
– It doesn’t support MX hotswap socket.
– If you choose the PCB + Parts kit, you will need to buy a case, MX keycaps, and MX key switches separately.
– You will need to solder this by yourself if you do not add the soldering service.

Source files: http://github.com/climbalima/let-s-Split-v2
Build guide: https://github.com/nicinabox/lets-split-guide
QMK firmware: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/lets_split

Additional information

Plate / Case

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Key Switch

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PCB Soldering