Hotreus62 hotswappable Atreus62
Hotreus62 hotswappable Atreus62
Carbon Fiber Top Plate

Pre-soldered Hotreus62 Hotswap MX / Choc v1 Low Profile 60% Keyboard

USD $150.00

Hotreus 62 is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard inspired by Atreus / Atreus62 and Lily58 Pro.

  • 62 keys ergonomic keyboard with number row
  • Same as Lily58 Pro, it supports using MX hotswap and Kailh Choc v1 hotswap sockets on the same board.
  • It is hotswappable with MX key switches or Kailh Choc v1 low profile key switches.
  • You can use either MX key switches or Kailh Choc v1 key switches on the keyboard.
  • It uses Pro-micro or equivalent controllers.
  • It supports QMK firmware.

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The soldered PCB include:

  • A PCB (black) with pre-soldered components (diodes, reset buttons, MCU controllers of your choice and hotswap sockets) on the board.
  • MCU controllers: RP2040 Sea-Picro (USB-C 16MB/128Mb Flash Memory – black)
  • The controller is pre-flashed with QMK firmware.
  • You do not need any soldering tool to build this keyboard.

The case include:

  • A clear / transparent stacked acrylic case
  • rubber feet
  • screws and spacers
  • The case requires assembly by hand and a screw driver.
  • You will need to buy keycaps, and key switches separately.

Custom order

  • If you have a special request, please message me for a custom order

Source code and license:

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Hotswap Sockets

MX, Choc, MX & Choc on the same board

Plate / Case

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Key Switch

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