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Sofle RGB v2.1 SofleKeyboard Photo Build Log

Sofle RGB v2.1 SofleKeyboard Split Ergonomic DIY Mechanical Keyboard PCB Kit

USD $128.00

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Sofle RGB v2.1 PCB + Parts Kit includes:

  • White PCBs for left hand and right hand
  • SMD diodes
  • 58x Gateron or Kailh hotswap socket for MX switches
  • 2x OLED display modules
  • 2x TRRS jacks
  • 1x TRRS cable
  • 2x Reset tactile switches
  • 2x Pro micro controller boards (optionally upgrade to USB Type-C)
  • 2x rotary encoder
  • 72x RGB LED SK6812mini-3535

Plate / Case includes:

  • FR4 white top plate
  • Clear (transparent) acrylic bottom plate
  • Clear (transparent) OLED acrylic cover
  • M2 spacers
  • M2 screws
  • Silicone rubber feet

Custom order

  • If you have a special request, please message me for a custom order

Important notes

  • You will need to buy a case, keycaps, and key switches separately.
  • You will need to solder this by yourself if you do not add the soldering service.
  • The micro USB micro-B connector in pro micro is relatively fragile. The legacy pro micros also require SPLIT_USB_DETECT as a workaround in split keyboards. It is recommended to use the USB-C controllers for wired split keyboard.

Build Guide
The detailed Sofle RGB v2.1 build guide:

License and source code:

Additional information



Plate / Case

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    Good quality and layout. Be careful not to more current than your source can supply! Looking forward to wireless variant.

    August 4, 2022

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    Good quality kit – though one of the plates had a small scratch on it. Was enough spares to get me through attaching an LED the wrong way and totally destroying it to remove it. I followed advice and used lead solder with 260-270 iron temp and didn’t kill one of the LEDs even if it took 3 attempts to get them all soldered properly. I used machine pin sockets but it ends up being 1-2 mm too high and the case doesn’t fit quite right but I’m sure if I followed the instructions it would have been perfect. Also be aware pro micros USB port breaks really really easily. Thanks for a great kit! PS one question – can I turn off the indicator LED in software or do I need to change the soldering on the IND pins. The LED is too in my face!

    July 4, 2022

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    Great kit, includes spares for a bunch of components (the extra LEDs were especially helpful), can’t recommend enough.

    June 26, 2022

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    This is an amazing kit with high quality material. I will be 1000% honest and say that this is my first time trying to solder a keyboard together and because of my inability to do so, I screwed up and contacted Leo. He has an absolute amazing customer support and was able to talk me through my problems and send me an extra spare board in case I screwed up again. Leo, you are absolutely great. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING FROM THIS SELLER!

    June 5, 2022

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    Quality items. everything was packaged and protected.

    February 20, 2022

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    Great kit for first “full” build. Extra components included for when you inevitably burn out LEDs 🙂 Thank you!

    December 2, 2021

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