Presoldered Choctopus44 Low Profile Unibody Keyboard
Presoldered Choctopus44 Low Profile Unibody Keyboard

Pre-soldered Choctopus44 Wired / Bluetooth Wireless Low Profile Keyboard

USD $138.00


A modified version of Choctopus44 by SlightHeadache which is a fork of Reviung41 keyboard.

  • On Board Power Switch & Battery Connector
  • 44 Keys with 1 Rotary Encoders
  • Kailh Choc v1 Hotswap
  • Low Profile Key Switches
  • Support Sea Picro RP2040 (wired build) or nice!nano (wired / wireless build)
  • Column Staggered and Unibody
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The pre-soldered board includes:

  • The components (controller, battery socket, power switch, diodes, rotary encoder and hotswap sockets) are soldered on the PCB
  • Sockets are added to the controller
  • A aluminium (silver / black) rotary knob
  • Pre-flashed with QMK (Sea Picro RP2040 controller) or ZMK (Bluetooth controller) firmware

The case includes:

  • 3D printed switch plate (top plate)
  • 3D printed bottom case
  • Spacers and screws
  • Rubber feet

Important note:

  • Because I cannot ship batteries, please buy a pair of 301230 or 401230 batteries with JST-PH connectors and correct polarity from local stores.

Original Project & License:

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Key Switch

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Rotary Knob

Silver, Black

Plate / Case

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    Volodymyr Patuta

    This keyboard is very well built. It looks much nicer irl than on photos xD The encoder is much nicer than on my sofle keyboard.

    The case is easy to disassemble/assemble. Soldering job is perfect. Build quality is top level!

    I’ve put a 301330 110 mAh battery. It fits perfectly under the controller, and I’ve found how to hide the cable nicely.

    I had to spend some time to change all mappings, as I use colemak layout, and before I never used zmk. But it is a very straight forward process.

    Overall, the keyboard is very good, it is a pleasure typing on this keyboard.

    April 21, 2023
    Verified Purchase

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